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A day with the Maleku community in Costa Rica

The Malekus are the smallest indigenous community of Costa Rica and have preserved their traditions for 4,000 years until today. Visiting this indigenous community has been one of the best experiences in Costa Rica for me, a community that lives in a respectful way with the environment. I saw with my own eyes how they live and are how happy they are by living with the basics things, and I learned about their values. We talked with men and women about how they do every day for not losing their traditions and for keeping their way of life.


In this video of Nomada Digital TV (, we interviewed the leader of the Maleku’s community when we were in La Fortuna: a magical land of volcanoes and hot springs in Costa Rica. We learned about the different areas of Costa Rica where this indigenous community live and we talked about some of their values like the equality between men and women in their society. Kanherreu also shares his current way of life and he explains about how they find a balance between modern and traditional life these days.


Exploring the place, we loved to relax at the “free Tabacon hot springs” located between la Fortuna and the Arenal volcano. The proximity of volcanoes makes the water of the rivers hot, and the local people has adapted one of the river with easy access for creating natural hot springs, free and open 24 hours. During the evening, tourists and locals come to decorate the place with candles under the moon and stars. This experience is better than having fortune: this is the glory!


Author: Marie Lorenne Morales

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