Sustainable Travel Adventures

We are online directory, not a travel company. This means that we don’t take any bookings or payments from clients. Our mission is to provide information about tours, stays and volunteer programs that follow the principles of sustainable and responsible travel. We like to support local agencies and organisations that provide authentic sustainable experiences in the destination countries where you can learn and contribute to the local communities.

When you send us an email we will put you in contact with the local supplier and you can make the booking directly with them. In some occassions, the local suppliers don’t take bookings and they prefer to work with agencies. In this case, we will put you in contact with one of the agencies they work with so you can make the booking. But we try as much as possible to work with local suppliers so you can book directly with them. Once you are in contact with them, all communication will be with them and not with us. However, if you are not sure which program or trip you want to do, we can give you advice and information.

We also have a consultation and information service to help you to prepare your travel. It has to be for one of the destinations we have in our website. If you want information and advice about several organisations and destinations, we can do this for you for a fee which will depend on the time and amount of information you require from us. This is a travel consultant service.