Sustainable Travel Adventures



This style is for those who are passionate about nature and rural life. With our ecotourism trips you will visit protected areas where you will learn about the local plants and wildlife. With our agritourism trips you will spend some time in an organic farm where you can participate in several activities while you explore the natural surroundings. With our rural breaks you will do a short visit in a rural area of Europe where you can combine outdoor activities with visits to interesting communities, sustainable projects and organic farms.



Visit nature reserves of the country while you get to know the fauna and flora from expert naturalist guides. Besides observing emblematic species and their environment, you will also learn from them. This is your trip if you are passionate about nature.

Organic farmstays

Agritourism & Organic Farmstays

It is about organic farms and sustainable communities that open their doors to visitors who want to spend a few days with them, learning or even helping in some tasks. Ideal for the lovers of the rural life and tranquillity.

Rural breaks

Rural Breaks

Short visits to rural areas in some European countries that combine outdoor activities with visits to local projects. For the ones who want to scape from the city for a few days without travelling too far.