Sustainable Travel Adventures

Community-based tourismWe provide to people from all over the world the opportunity to join unique trips based on sustainable and responsible travel. And we want them to understand travelling as an experience for learning and transformation. On our trips we bring the traveller closer to the reality of the countries visited, as far as possible, instead of putting them in an artificial bubble created for the tourists. It is a way of travelling that provides more integration into the destination country, discovering the local culture and nature, and co-existing as much as possible with their people, which results in a real cultural immersion. Furthermore, this experience is enriched with the interaction between fellow travellers in our group trips.


Group travel

We place a strong emphasis on learning as we believe that we, the foreign visitors, are the ones who have to learn from the local culture and adapt to it, and not the contrary. For this reason we like the trips that include workshops and activities that allow people to learn about these cultures and their traditions, as well as getting to know the local flora and fauna. We also believe that spending time outdoors improve health and well-being of people, so most of our trips are in close contact with nature. In order to achieve our goals, we select local ground agents that have been carefully chosen and share with us the same philosophy.


With EcoMind Travel, travelling is more than catching a flight, visiting touristy places, taking pictures and returning home; it is becoming part of the life of the local, getting to know them, learning from them and their environment with a respectful attitude. Go ahead! Open your eyes – awaiting you is an unforgettable adventure which will last forever in your memory.