Sustainable Travel Adventures

Responsible tourismOur philosophy is based on sustainable and responsible travel, which tries to produce as little environmental and social impact as possible in the places we visit and produce as much benefit as possible for the local population. Therefore, we promote accommodations run by locals, and on some occasions host families. In addition we support those businesses which have ecological certification and meet the standards established by ecotourism legislation. We also like the trips where the participants can eat at local restaurants where they can taste the traditional food of the country with local and organic ingredients.


Community trainingWe work with suppliers that are committed to sustainable tourism, by protecting the environment and helping the local communities to become active participants in the ecotourism activities. We specially support local projects that provide training to the young and female members of the local communities, so they can acquire the necessary skills to work as local guides. This is a perfect way to empower them as they can get direct economic benefits by using their knowledge about their natural and cultural heritage. But not only that, they will feel inspired to protect their local environment and wildlife as they can make more money using them for tourism than exploiting them. Furthermore, by educating young people in the communities, we are assuring conservation in the long-term and sustainable lifestyles.


Raising awarenessEcotourism can be an amazing tool to raise environmental awareness in tourists, as long as guides do a good interpretation with conservation messages during the tour. As a result, tourists may change attitudes and behaviours which ultimately could contribute to environmental protection. At EcoMind Travel, we work closely with ground agents that provide a detailed pre-tour information that help them to reduce their environmental and social impacts. In the case of the volunteer programs, we choose the ones that offer a cultural introduction on arrival in order to help them to understand the local culture and approach it with respect. Responsible travel is a mandatory requirement of the trips and progams that we include in our directory.

Finally, we are aware of the big impacts that flights have on the air pollution and global warming. For this reason, we encourage you to travel by train as much as possible, at least in the European destinations, in order to reduce your ecological footprint. For more information to plan your travel by train, click on this link.