Sustainable Travel Adventures

Here you can see the testimonials of some of the participants of our trips and volunteer programs. They decided to travel with us and they were so satisfied, that they wanted to share their experience on our website.


Julio Grande (Galicia, Spain) – Trekking in the Atlas of Morocco


For years I was thinking in doing a trip different to the ones offered by the conventional travel agencies, to enjoy nature, local culture and people, and do some sport. I decided to join this group that wanted to climb Mount Toubkal (4.167 m), in a 4 day trekking in which we had the opportunity to enjoy nature without the conforts that we are used to in our daily life. It has been a wonderful experience. All this was possible thanks to the team of guides and muleteers that made sure that our discomforts were more bearable, and especially thanks to Belén, who coordinated the whole trip from Spain.


Laura Moro (Barcelona, Spain) – India experience program

LauraI was going to travel to India on my own when I found this trip, so I decided to join the group. During 3 weeks we were travelling in North India, visiting amazing places in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab…, sometimes staying with local families where we had the opportunity of learning about their culture and some Hindi words! At the end of the trip we were helping in volunteer projects in rural areas of Himachal Pradesh, near the Himalaya mountains. I was involved in a project dedicated to promote health and hygiene habits for childrens of rural schools. I still remember their faces, their smiles and the games whe shared with these children! This was an opportunity to be more than a tourist and share the real life of these people and their culture. Definatetly I think that going to India with these trips is a experience that changes everybody’s life!


Carmen Alonso (Madrid, Spain) – India experience program

CarmenThis trip to India was great and an amazing experience! We visited some important touristic places, we volunteered in a quiet rural area of Himachal Pradesh, we did trekking in the Himalayas, and we could even see the Dalai Lama giving a conference to his disciples that many other people from different countrties attended, we among them!  The trip was very well organised and the Indian organisation looked after every detail, in spite of the chaos of this country. They were very flexible and they had lot of patience with us. Totally recommended!


Fernando Piraquive (Cali, Colombia) – Weekend trip in Devon

When I was in Totnes doing my English course, I had the opportunity to visit the National Park Dartmoor with EcoMind Travel. I will always remember this experience in my life because I discovered an alternative lifestyle and ancient stone circles on the way. I enjoyed very much the walk through the hills, lakes and rivers. I would like to go back with other friends and relatives. Thanks EcoMind Travel for that opportunity!!


Jeffrey Chuan (Madrid, Spain) – Weekend trip in Devon


This is a very interesting trip for the different components that are included. We learned how a sustainable community can be built, and we also discovered the hilly landscape of the Dartmoor National Park. Both guides from the town and the National Park were perfect, explaining to us the history of both places, the way the community is growing, showing us beautiful places and introducing the way of life in the area. And sharing this experience with a group of like-minded people was great. I do recommend this trip.