Sustainable Travel Adventures

We have a Meetup group in Bristol for anyone who is interested in our way of travelling. We post mainly our trips in the group page but ocasionally we offer activities for Bristol residents. The activities that the group offers are related to travelling and other cultures, such as workshops, talks, hiking trips, cultural visits, language exchanges, environmental volunteering, gastronomy, festivals, encounters, etc. At these events you will be able to meet other like-minded travellers and we will also talk about our next trips. The attendees will be able to benefit from exclusive discounts that will not be offering on our website and there will be possibilities of preparing special trips for them. A traveller meeting point and an opportunity to know more about our way of travelling. Joining our Meetup group is free and you can register online easily.

Click here for registration in our travellers club

If you prefer, you can create your own travellers club in your town, either with Meetup or as a separate entity. You can use the information that we offer free of charge in our directory and contact some of the local suppliers that we list to ask them information and quotation for their services. You can also complete our form of tailor-made trips of our website and that way you can give more details of the trip you want to do with your group. We will send this to the local agencies that we think they can help you and they will contact you. Or you can do all this work on your own if you know the country well and you don’t want to use the services of local agencies. You chose!