Sustainable Travel Adventures

Are you good at or just enjoy writing? Do you have a travel blog or write travel diaries? You can offer your skills by writing articles that we will publish on our website. We are looking for writers that want to share their knowledge about a specific country or region, about sustainable or responsible tourism, and about interesting projects around the world where they have worked or volunteered. This is your opportunity to be known and promote your travel blog if you have one or start a career as a travel writer on the internet.

What do we offer in exchange? Besides publishing your articles, we will select the best travel article once a year and we will give 40% of discount on one of our trips to the author (the trip that he/she chooses).

Furthermore, we will organise a writing competition of travel stories every six months.

For this competition, it is not necessary for you to have great writing skills, but only that you share your experience of one of your trips or volunteer programs, even better if they are one of ours.

We prefer that you are simply able to give your opinions of your trip and reach out to readers who may want to follow in your footsteps. The winner will get a 25% discount on one of our trips and his/her story will be published in our blog. The stories of two other finalists will also be published.

You can send to us your travel articles or travel stories as well as up to 12 photos (from which we will select some) to our email address:

In the subject of the email, please write ‘article’ or ‘story’.