Travellers, Lets Support a Billion Acts of Green!

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day and this year we have a huge goal to reach.  The Earth Day Network is asking us, the citizens of the world to make a pledge, to change our habits and become more Eco friendly. By making and acting upon this pledge together we can preserve the earth for future generations of citizens and travellers.

The Earth Day Network have set an ambitious goal, a goal to register one billion actions, 1 Billion Acts of Green ahead of the Global Earth Summit in Rio this June. Already over 766 606 000 pledges have been made. But they still need more!

As travelers, as world citizens so privileged as to have seen the world we have a responsibility to our world, we have a responsibility to the environment.  That responsibility is to travel as Eco friendly as we can.So what can you do?

1.    Make the pledge…

 2.    Spread the word!

Ask others to make the pledge too! You can even embed the pledge widget on your blog.

3.    Get involved in our Earth Day video…

Here at Eco Wise Travel, we have one goal, to get thousands of travelers to pledge to “Make Eco wise travel choices.” In partnership with the Earth Day network we are making a video to encourage travelers to make this pledge.  But we need your help! We need your voice, we need you to share your travel experiences!

We need 3 things…

1. We need you to film a video telling us about an unforgettable travel experience.  Sum it up in one sentence.  eg.

“Seeing the Sunrise over Mt Kinabalu.”

“Walking along the Great Wall of China.”

“Diving with whale sharks in the Philippines.”

“Holding a Koala in Australia.”

“Staying in a remote African village.”

 2. We need a photo that goes along with your unforgettable travel experience.


3. We need you to film a second video saying:

“Make Eco Wise Travel Choices”

How to get it to us?

  • Create an account on dropbox or another file sharing website.
  • Add the three files.
  • Email the link for the folder along with link to your blog (which will be displayed over your video) to  sasha (at)

The Deadline:

The release date of this video is the 8th of April 2 weeks prior to Earth Day on the 22nd.  Please get you’re videos and photo to us by the 5th of April at the latest to ensure that it’s included in the video.  We look forward to seeing you’re videos and photos!

So what are you waiting for? Make the pledge! Get filming! Help promote the Eco Travel Movement and a Billion Acts of Green.

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