At EcoMind Travel we aim to empower and inspire travellers to make travel choices that promote responsible tourism and ensure sustainability of destinations visited.

We are dedicated to promoting Eco conscious tourism operations that respect the earth, the environment and the communities they impact upon and in turn encourage more tourism operations to go Eco wise, be thinking Eco wise, practicing Eco wise and promoting an Eco wise lifestyle.

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This directory of eco travel holidays & vacations abroad will help you to decide how and where to have a great eco holiday.

A great idea also is to combine travel with volunteering in Africa, Asia, Central America, South America etc.

Responsible travel is about benefiting the local people and their environments when we visit and to enjoy a more authentic holiday which enables you to get a more out of your travel experience and to back the local people. Here are some responsible trips: volunteer nepal, volunteer thailand, volunteer vietnam , volunteer china,volunteer cambodia,volunteer elephants thailand.

What is Eco Travel

The concept of ecotourism is to minimize the impact that tourism has on an area, minimize the negative impacts of tourism, protect the conservation of the area and benefit local people. Ecotourism means traveling whilst not to bring negative effects to the environment and the local community. It’s an increasingly popular approach to travel. By encouraging travelers to behave in a responsible way, Eco Tour operators offer information on how travelers can minimize their impact on the ecosystem and contribute to the protection of ecosystems. By employing local people whenever possible, ecotourism seeks to prevent exploitation. Many Eco tour operators are involved in working on initiatives and projects with the local community such as training and education programs. Responsible ecotourism means travel that minimize the negative aspects of mass tourism on the environment and enhances the cultural integrity of local people.

An eco- traveler is a traveler who takes responsibility to prevent negative impacts on the environment and the local community of the area you are visiting.

Global Carbon Emissions & Ecotourism

Traveling is one of the biggest sources of global carbon emissions, increasing global warming and climate change. By choosing a different mode of transport, you can minimize your CO2 emissions. Ecotourism strives to be of low impact to the local community. Responsible ecotourism minimizes the negative aspects of mass tourism on the environment and enhances the cultural integrity of local people.