Eco friendly Travel is Easier than You Think!

To governments and many people around the world the word “Eco” is a synonym for difficult and expensive, something we do later when we have the time or the funds.  But while there are these discouraging words associated with the word “Eco” there’s two other words that make you think, “Hey, why didn’t I act before now!”

Those two words, urgent and easy.

The Eco Movement is an urgent one, already the world is rapidly changing thanks to climate change. But let’s not get bogged down in thoughts of doom and gloom.  Lets not wallow in the fact that, yes, as individuals we have each caused harm to the earth.  Let’s not wallow in the fact that as traveller’s pushing the tourism industry, collectively we contribute roughly 5% of  global emissions.

Let’s stop staying being Eco friendly is too difficult and far to expensive!

Let’s rejoice in the fact that in fact being Eco friendly is actually incredibly easy! Yes, it takes more thinking. Yes, you have to be more aware all the time.  Yes, it takes more planning but at the end of the day it’s all about making the right choices, the most Eco friendly choices.

And guess what? For us traveller’s it’s easy being Eco friendly and better still it’s often cheaper being Eco friendly! Watch this video and you might even discover you’re already halfway to the Eco Wise Travel goal!

What do you think is the most common thing holding people back from traveling more Eco friendly?

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