How to Avoid Road Rage On Holiday

Holiday road rage can be a mess sometimes from failures to miscalculations. But at the end of the day it feels god to be on holiday, as in o of office and home. Even with all the fails, tire busts, car break down can ring down the spirit driving all alone in a foreign country or with someone you love. And if this adventure has got kids onboard all will be fun.

Overtime while traveling I have learnt a few things and they have made may holidays much better as I avoid holiday road rage; some include;

Forget about arriving on time

The first moments of getting a car hire  in a new place is the most confusing –  All cars are cars but it’s just not the one you are used too at home. The gears, the make, the rear mirrors and all that. These types of things and driving in towns you rare not used too.

Get there when you get there. Hotels lodges and activity places tend to have time for this for tat and will put you on pressure. Take your time and drive at a pace for adventure. All will be OK at the end

Take time to pack snacks and read your maps well

Think about it stuck and hungry: there is a probability of getting stuck in mad or park while on a self-drive safari in Uganda. If you take time on breakfast to read your map and ask around before you set off.

Packing some of your extra breakfast is a good start in case of those bad days. Read the rout map very well and drive in time with the others so you get help in case you get stuck

Don’t follow anyone

Driving in convoy may be a nightmare, especially when the lead car does not know anything about you or you did not make any friends at the breakfast table.

Most of the cars hire safaris drive on phones, GPS. Meaning you may be following people going to the wrong direction or most probably the same but they have got different goals for the day.

Set your departure time well

Last minute days are usually the best and you do not feel like leaving or there is something you feel you must do before departure.

These may cost you at the end when you realize the flight has left you. Never allow people telling you that it’s not good to keep at the airport for two hours.

Yes its tiresome doing nothing when you would be maybe swimming at the hotel and relaxing but no, you’re at the airport lobby doing completely nothing. Plan for this last day well to avoid any inconveniences.

Hand over the keys

If you can it would be better to hand over the keys, get a driver guide for a safari to do all the driving hustle as you sit back relax. This will be the person to take the blame at the end of the day. There’s one sure way to avoid stressful holiday driving.

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