Easy Eco Travel Tip: Put that Rubbish in the Bin!

I’ve heard it a million times when I’m traveling in Asia “This place is so dirty, there’s rubbish everywhere!” And it’s true, in many places around the world, not just Asia rubbish often just lays there on the side of the street,  pollutes the waterways, and washes up on beaches. But how did it get there?

Simple, someone didn’t put it in the bin!
Now sure, many of these countries don’t have the most well-managed waste management systems, in fact, some of them don’t appear to have waste management systems at all.  So what can you do on your travels to try and minimise this big problem?

Easy, pick up some rubbish and put it in the bin!

Now I would never suggest you pick up the nastiest, gooey piece of rubbish and walk 20 minutes until you find a bin. But if you just so happen to be near a rubbish bin and see rubbish lying around why not pick it up and put it in.

Every piece of rubbish that goes in the bin is another piece of rubbish that won’t make the waterways filthy, that won’t suffocate and kill turtles and other marine life, that won’t make people live in dirty, unhygienic communities in deplorable conditions, that won’t make you say “This area is disgusting, I never want to come back!”

Be more like Mr. Bean, stop and pick up that piece of rubbish and put it in the bin!  You might even just start a trend amongst the locals!

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