Tracking the Gorillas in Rwanda

For the second time in life, I look forward being part of the Rwanda gorilla tracking expedition in the Volcanoes national park. This time it’s special for it marks the 2017 gorilla naming ceremony that takes place in Musanze district the beautiful land of Rwanda tourism and conservation treasures. Without these wonderful primates who become our friends in one hour of photography and observation, Rwanda would be very different and less vibrant than it now is.

In 2014 when I first visited Rwanda had a lot about the entire Rwanda gorilla tracking adventure and wanted to unveil the truth about the mountain gorillas and its general tracking experience and it found it worthy visiting again? One of the best gorilla habituated families to track in Rwanda is Susa with lovely impressive silverback and mother gorillas that make the encounter ground dramatic and interesting through out the one hour duration in the jungle. It was a very difficult decision to make since work and family where demanding but the adventure spirit and determination made it come to pass. It can look costly but the entire gorilla tracking experience is too exciting and overwhelming and it lives each day you think about Africa and its unique features.

If looking at amazing attractions and scenery, Rwanda does very well in every aspect ranking best not only as the great gorilla tracking destination but also one of the top eco tourism destinations in Africa. Its daily conservation effort in natural attractions has given life to many beautiful living primates and wildlife and has impacted many other African countries to do the same. Therefore conservation is one of Rwanda’s crucial travel aspects and a concern of every tourist, traveler, government and the local community. They all have a responsibility of respecting natural attractions and support their well being.

The importance of conservation is evidenced in the neighboring countries of Rwanda that is Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic republic of Congo, and many others. However, may the big thanks go to whoever supports natural conservation in one way or the other, since mountain gorillas are prime attractions of Rwanda and are the reason for Rwanda popularity across borders? Make it a point to track Rwanda mountain gorillas on your first time visit or even think of returning for the second trek as am about. It’s good to revisit the country for the second trek due to the great beauty the giant apes hold in the wild jungle.

Can’t wait to be part of the important Rwanda conservation event of naming young baby gorillas and exploring other Rwanda attractions that I missed on my first visit. I think it will be a great opportunity to discover more hidden gems across the country as we enjoy our stay. It’s good to visit a unique wonderful place for a holiday but Rwanda is truly one of those incredible places you shouldn’t miss out while in East Africa.

Well Kenya and Tanzania have the best wildlife viewing platforms but Rwanda has the finest primate viewing platform. It’s not bad to visit two or more countries across the region depending on your interest and budget as long as Rwanda is one of them. Is hiking you thing? Bisoke and Karisimbi are beautiful Rwanda volcanoes that need to be explored any time when you ready. Besides you can hike across to Mt Mgahinga in Uganda if well planned. Discus your interest with your trip planner at the time of booking so that nothing misses out during your stay. See you soon in Rwanda if you planning to be around in the same time as I will.

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