A chauffeur driven Trip : The most convenient way to travel around Uganda.

Hiring a car in Uganda with a driver is regarded as the most convenient way to discover the pearl of Africa no matter your trip is around Kampala city, safari to national park, or airport transfers or attending a corporate meeting. Hiring a driver will help to get you where you are going in a shortest time possible and safer due to the fact that he is knowledgeable about the routes and the shortest routes to use but reaching the same destination? However our cars are either a chauffeur whether a Rav 4, land cruiser, coasters however hiring a car with a driver depends on the client’s interest. We have well trained and licensed drivers who are not well knowledgeable with each and every part of the country but also passionate in the field. They will make sure that you enjoy your trip the best way possible, below are some of the reason why this option is very convenient

Knowledge about roads & attractions

When you hire a car with a driver you get assured of getting to your destination with a lot of easy. Exploring Uganda can be quite tiresome especially when you don’t know the routes used to get to a particular destination. The GPS can help you to give you the direction but it also has its problems in terms of flexibility and destination  location, however a local driver has adequate knowledge about most of the routes to take to reach the destination where the attractions can be seen and also the  where the accommodation are located. When you hire and travel with someone who knows the way around, you avoid the risk of getting lost or robbed. What you need is to sit and relax and then he drives you, he gives all the necessary information needed including the  background info, history and current events about the place you will be visiting plus in-case you looking a bar, restaurant, beach or bank, he will drive you there whenever need be.

Information about Car & Fuel Costs

When you travel with a driver reduce the extra costs that you may incur in when purchasing fuel, they are aware of the engine type plus how much it consumes per kilometer, the fuel price in Uganda is around UGX 3000 and 3500 per liter, however sometimes gas station attendants take advantage of foreign residents to give them less for more than they pay for something that can give you a bad calculation, but when you travel with a driver such cases are a heard off.in cases of breakdowns, most of the drivers knows what to do and they can fix the problem within a shortest period of time because he is more familiar and equipped to handle such instances

You are assured of comfort and quality service

With no doubt when you hire a car with a chauffeur, you get guaranteed of quality service, in that you just sit back and relax and let the driver handle each and every situation, help in carrying the cargo to fixing a break-down, and where necessary he opens a door for you, all these will make your safari a wonderful one and you will value of your money.

Space to interact

If you are driven you can easily get a chance to interact either on phone or with a friend, you can even get chance to work on a laptop when comfortably seated. It is very herder and dangerous when in self-drive car, Hence a good choice. So in case you need to hire a car with a chauffeur just write to us we will get back to you easily contact us at info@4x4ugandacarhire.com

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