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Eco-travel with a learning component all over the world

Our eco-travel directory offers a wide range of trips all over the world to experience local communities and nature in an authentic and meaningful way. These trips have elements of cultural immersion, adventure, learning and sustainability, so it is more than being a passive tourist. We also offer information about individual volunteer programs that you can join if you want to have a deeper and longer experience in the country, getting involved in environmental or social local projects.

Ecotourism to raise awareness, educate and transform

Travel is a unique experience that awakens the senses, opens the mind and reveals new realities. Furthermore, it brings us closer to our real self and it provides us with great lessons about the world around us. At EcoMind Travel we have experienced that for many years during our own travels and we want spread our vision. But we also care for the planet and this is why we support trips and programs that reduce their impact in the destinations as much as possible. We believe that ecotourism is an amazing tool to raise awareness and educate people, so they can return home as better persons. We invite you to read more about sustainable & responsible travel so you can follow these principles while you are in the destination country. You can still have an amazing experience and enjoy every moment of your trip.




All EcoMind Travel tours share a common respect for environment and for local communities, as well as cultural immersion and learning elements. But we know every person is different and for this reason we offer information about tours of varios themes. Common themes are grouped together in Travel Styles. There are four of them so you can choose the one that suits you best. However, some trips have a combination of different themes, so you might find them under several categories.

Live the adventure


Active & Adventure

Get closer to nature in an active and fun way: hiking, cycling, canoeing, rafting, diving, horse riding, etc. For those who are passionate about outdoors and adventure.

Get out into nature


Nature & Rural

Visit protected areas to discover the local flora & fauna, participate in environmental projects or explore rural areas and their local initiatives. For those who love nature and rural life.

Learn and contribute


Cultural & Community

Inmerse in a new culture in an experiencial way: learning a language, staying with local communities, participating in workshops and volunteering. For those who want a real cultural immersion.

Transform yourself

Holistic holidays

Holistic & Spiritual

Spend some time in a retreat centre in the nature or embark on a spiritual journey to sacred sites of the country. For those who understand travel as a inner transformative experience.

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